What I use for graphite drawing

When you start drawing in graphite, it´s always a bit confusing what materials to start with.

In this video I show you my basic set of materials for graphite drawing and beyond.

View this video for a checklist of basic pencil materials, plus get inspired on how to expand your set from there.

* * *

Basic set recommended in this video is …

  1. HB graphite pencil
  2. 2B graphite pencil
  3. Basic Eraser
  4. Stick eraser – Tombow Mono Zero
  5. Stick eraser – Faber Castell “perfection 7058
  6. Kneaded eraser (I recommend Faber Castell)
  7. A few cotton pads for smudging
  8. Pencil Sharpener

Hear all details about these materials in the video.

You can make amazing sketches and drawings with this limited set of graphite pencil materials.

It is the basics I use in all my drawing lessons and tutorials.

* * *

I also show you sugggestions on a more expanded set of graphite pencil materials.

View the image below to get an overview. All explanations are in the video.

To the left of the Yin-Yang emblem is my basic set of graphite pencil materials. To the right is the more expanded set as explained in the video.


* * *

Happy drawing!


2 replies
  1. Stephanie Hardy
    Stephanie Hardy says:

    Wonderful discussion of what we need, don’t need, and might like to have 🙂 Thank you! I love to play with all the supplies I can find to see what works best for me.

  2. Robin Horasanian
    Robin Horasanian says:

    Thank you for sharing your toolkit with us. I had not seen the Tombow Stick erasers before. I like the look of the little round one. I have a Pentel Click eraser in my sketch kit but it’s as big around as a standard pencil eraser. This little one looks like a nice addition to my kit.


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