Hello and welcome to Art-Tv, my name is Ida Andersen Lang.
This is the first video in a long series about drawing starting from today, I come from Denmark and live in Copenhagen. I am a drawing teacher and an artist and I’m going to make a long series of videos about drawing for you, it’s not going to be videos focusing on me drawing while you watch. But a story about being an artist, being someone who draws in daily life, that’s what I’m going to focus on in these videos.

The mindset on about how to maintain a good drawing practice, that’s what I’m going to talk a lot about, and many other things. Today I’m going to talk a bit about perfection, which is a huge thing about drawing that can go on in your mind. About you wanting to be the perfect drawing person in life and there is a lot of pressure about being good at drawing, being a perfectionist. This immature dream about the drawings you can make, if you were only this and that perfect and good at drawing. but the thing is that drawing is really something that should be enjoyed.

So today I’m going to remind you about some stuff that sticks together, it is that everybody, and you know that from your own dreams, have the capacity to imagine things and that also goes for drawing. You can imagine in your mind how you want your drawing to look like, but that will always be thousand miles ahead of what you really can achieve today. No matter how good you are, if you started drawing yesterday or if you’ve been drawing for twenty years, you will always be ahead of yourself in your mind, instead of focusing on where your drawing is in the present.

Instead of this chase for the perfect drawing, try instead to focus and relax, put a piece of paper in front of yourself, take a pencil in your hand and start drawing whatever your project is today. Really try to relax and focus on the process and enjoy that you are sitting down drawing, that you have a little bit of time for it. Maybe you have time for drawing, maybe you have a bit of space open every day, enjoy it, relax and draw whatever you are capable of this very day. Focus and see what unfolds on the paper, of course you will still have the perfectionist imagination going on in your mind but try to be friends with it. Try to get used to it, relax and say oh yeah, there you are again good old friend perfectionism, let’s do some drawing today.

Then also focus on drawing again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, just a bit and you will see that with regularity and practice, you will get a long way. That is a core thing for getting good at drawing, and when it comes to mindset there are so many moving parts and to be a person who is good at drawing, it’s important to relax, enjoy the process and draw a bit every day.
That was the first video in this video series from me, it’s going to evolve over time, this is what I’m thinking right now. Whoever you are and wherever you are watching this video, please leave me a comment about what you think, where you are on your journey with drawing and if you have any questions, please let me know.
Thank you for now and see you another day, bye!