Copyright and my Online Art Lessons and my original art

This following advise is brought to you as being a loving and gentle walk through of some common issues and questions that arise, when you paint from an online art tutorial. It is meant to guide you in a loving way, that is both benign and for the best for both I, the originator of the art tutorial and/or original art and you, on your unique artistic journey.

“When I post art, made from your tutorials, should I mention your name, and how?”

When you post art, made directly from one of my tutorials, that is a copy of the design I have made, I would greatly appreciate if you mention my name and the context fx “Made from an online art class by Ida Andersen Lang”. On Instagram you can use my “handle” @idaandersenlang, or a tag, fx #idaandersenlang.

It helps me in my work, and in bringing more quality tutorials to you.

In the end it is up to you, but I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, and very importantly it helps clear confusion about which is your original designs and not. If people for example wants to buy a piece of art you have made as a copy from one of my classes, then I strongly advice you to be open about the fact, that it was made from a tutorial from another artist.

If some one buys a piece of art, they thought was your design, and later discover, that this is not the case, that can bring a lot of disappointment and feeling of not being told the truth.

I encourage you to be open about it when you post a work that is a replica of my art tutorial design.

When you go on and proceed with experiementing with your own designs, add your own twists and changes to my original design, then it is a whole different story, and the artwork most likely is yours. More about that below.

According to common copyright laws it is in fact mandatory to mention the originator of an art design. However, I am here to bring you artistical joy, inspiration and empowe you to make your own art, so in the end, you decide, but I would greatly appreciate transparancy and honesty, when you post direct “copies” of my designs.

“Can I post your original art, Ida?”

Yes, you can re-post my original art on social media, if you feel inspired to. In this case, I expect from you, that you mention that it is “Artwork made by Ida Andersen Lang” or similar proper credit.

NEVER post my art and claim that it is yours. This should seem obvious, but unfortunately this is a relatively wide spread phenomenon, and I have experienced this my self. Crediting the original artist in a post is mandatory.

YOU CAN NOT use my work for any type of projects, fx digital posters, invitations, prints or ANY other commercial or non-commercial related projects. If you wish to use my art in a project, please contact me properly so we can make arrangements, I am very open to that, but we need to make an agreement first.

My original art copyrights are maintained by the official danish copyright institution VISDA.

“Can I sell original work, that is a hand made copy of one of your lessons?”

I feel comfortable about you selling one hand made copy from my designs, as long as you are transparent and honest about that it was made from one of my tutorials. Which means crediting my name. I prefer you use this phrase: “this art work is made from an art lesson by artist Ida Andersen Lang”

According to common copyright law, basically it is in fact not allowed to sell hand made replicas of some one elses design, but I feel fine with you selling one handmade work of your art lesson work, as long as you are transparent, and credit my name.

Further more, I strongly advise you to be transparent, to avoid confusion and disappointment with your buyers. Here we are of course only talking about, if the design is the same as my original, without any alterations.

My original art copyrights are maintained by the official danish copyright institution VISDA.

If you are in doubt, always feel free and safe to ask me, I will handle it in a loving and gentle way with you.

“Can I sell reproductions of the artwork that is a copy of a lesson design?”

No, I do not feel comfortable with that. And due to copyright law it is not allowed.

I choose to show my art process with my own original designs to bring you the most authentic workshops, and am super happy and exited to see you create pieces and replicas for your own enjoyment and learning experience.

Selling replicas however, is not allowed.

I claim the copyright to sell replicas of my own designs.

“What about designs that are inspired by you?”

There is a fine line between being inspired in a very direct way, and where it becomes your own. I fully understand that, and we all stand upon each others shoulders.

As soon as you deviate from my original design, things changes, and you are on your way to making your own art, also if you use my techniques and style more or less closely. I advice you to try to use your gut feeling and go with your intuition. Do you feel it is your own design? Try to be truthful about it, and gradually strive to make your own designs, as you get more experienced.

If you have only changed, let´s say minor little things, I´d  say it was “inspired from me”, and I would be happy if you mention this fx “Inspired by Ida Andersen Lang”.

However, I am here to empower you to go out and do your own thing with the techniques I teach you, and fully support that. So I advise you again, be transparent, and in the end, once you have made the copy-study from a class, put some energy in going create your own designs and ideas.

If you are in doubt, always feel free and safe to ask me, I will handle it in a loving and gentle way with you.

“Can I make classes based on techniques I learned from you?”

This is another grey zone. You cannot go “copy” one of my lessons and teach them your self. I am sure you know when you´d be doing this.

Apart from that, art making techniques are a tradition, where we all stand on other art teachers shoulders, so use your common sense and strive for making your own unique contribution to the art tutorials space.

If you have any questions or are in doubt, feel free to contact me and ask.

Kind regards,

Ida Andersen Lang