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FREE – Wish upon a Star – Mixed Media Course

Come paint and draw this starry girl with me! In this course, I teach my heart out with the foundationals of my classic mixed media technique.

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My name is Ida Andersen Lang –  I am a Visionary Fine Artist and Online Art Teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been a creator all my life, expressing my love of the mystery of life, through my art and my year long tradition of passing on the joy of making art, trough my online art teachings.

I love all things beautiful in life and my passion is to express the beauty of life through all kinds of creativity. I specialize in figurative art with a touch of abstraction. In my art I try to catch a glimpse of the mystery behind life here on Earth, and to trace the connectedness between all things in the universe and a sense of being “between worlds”, in a magical place.

If I can take the viewer, just momentarily, “in between worlds” by looking at my paintings, I feel that I succeed as an artist.

♡ Ida


In addition to my own membership Art Soul Living, I also am happy to teach over in my dear art friend Tamara Laporte´s magical Art Universe, Willowing Arts.  You can try one of Tamaras wonderful lessons for free, see below:

Visit Tamara Laporte

Over at Willowning Arts. Tamara is super generous, and offers lots of beautiful free tasters for her lovely art universe. Visit Tamara – click here, to see what she has in store for you today.

Life Book 2021

I am very happy to present you to Life Book 2021, a year long art and welness course, hosted by Tamara Laporte, and featuring 30 fantastic art teachers from around the world.

I am participating with 3 lessons focusing on Sacred Self Care, Connecting with Nature and finding Peace in your art making.

Kaleidoscope 2020

This is a wonderful collaboration course, focusing on color and the wonders of the world, hosted by Tamara Laporte and featuring in depth lessons by 10 artists from around the world.

I participate with two lessons, the main one taking you through the painting proces I use in the image above, in a very similar project.