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My name is Ida Andersen Lang –  I am a Visionary Fine Artist and Online Art Teacher from Denmark.

I have been a creator all my life, expressing my love of the mystery of life, through my art and my year long tradition of passing on the joy of making art, trough my online art teachings.

I love all things beautiful in life and my passion is to express the beauty of life through all kinds of creativity. I specialize in figurative art with a touch of abstraction. In my art I try to catch a glimpse of the mystery behind life here on Earth, and to trace the connectedness between all things in the universe and a sense of being “between worlds”, in a magical place.

If I can take the viewer, just momentarily, “in between worlds” by looking at my paintings, I feel that I succeed as an artist.

♡ Ida


Alchemy Symbols Chart – free download

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