I am hosting a free art retreat. Are you coming?

I am exited and grateful to invite you to Wish upon a Star 2023, free online painting retreat.

* * *

It is the fourth time, I host this free, annual online painting retreat. I can´t believe how time flies, and I can´t believe all the creative bliss, inspiration and friendship this free reatreat has brought me over the years.


Here are some key themes we will work with in the Wish upon a Star 2023 online painting retreat.

* * *

  • How to paint in classical watercolor + mixed media techniques (suitable for all levels, beginners, intermediate and experienced)
  • Painting portraits, infused with the magic of our natural world
  • How to get started painting
  • Finding time for a blissful painting routine
  • Cultivating a loving confidence in your art
  • How to stay inspired and motivated, showing up for your art

For this years WUAS, I painted a vision of a nocturnal, wise and luminous fairy queen, bathed in soothing moonlight, in the company of her spirit animal, Owl. I call this painting “Whispers of the Moonlight”.  I love working in a limited palette, centered around blues, and painting with light, in luminous whites. It´s a quest for the ethereal light within, expressed in paint.

I guess over time it has become kind of my “signature” color scheme, and in this painting I will show you exactly how I do that, using just a few mixing colours in classical time tested watercolor techniques.

* * *

I have refined and worked with the same core techniques for decades now, and yet … the way I use the materials slowly mature and evolve over time. It is a continued and beautiful dance with the magical, alchemical process of painting. And with refining your consciousness work with the art process, leaning into loving your art and showing up for it.

Watercolor has always been the foundations of how I paint. Already as a teenager, I was introduced to the mysterious ways of water as the paint vehicle and I have explored this mystery ever since. Over the decades that has passed, I have worked hard to refine these techniqies I have also destilled a way of adding a few other  art mediums to create stunning effects with ease.

This year in WUAS, I open up and show you the very foundations of my approach to painting in classical watercolor, enhanced and enriched with a sprinkle of mixed media. Meaning that we combine the watercolor with few other art medias. Colored pencils, pan pastels and a little bit of posca paint.

“Whispers of the Moonlight” – Watercolor and mixed media

* * *

On top of the main lesson, “Whispers of the Moonlight“, we will also do several bonus projects, experimenting with and understanding the painting process and experience of watercolor and mixed media.

The art process is a mysterious thing.

It involves hands, heart, vision and the physical realm of the art materials. This work has been my life´s mission and I am so happy to invite you to join me in this work.

* * *

I am looking so much forward to welcome you into Wish upon a Star 2023 and paint with you. I only host WUAS once or twice a year, so now is the time to come and create with me and thousands of other Art Soul Sisters from around the world.

* * *

With love, light and creative blessings,




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