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Committing to sketching every day

Committing to sketching every day can be the key to successfully making art every day. The secret to this lies in finding out what is doable and fits into your daily life, so to make your sketching habit doable and realistic. The magical thing is that if you can get just a tiny sketch habit […]

Sketching the Buddha in Graphite Pencil

I just recorded this sketching session for my upcoming “Sketching for Life – Challenge 2023”, taking place june 16th – 26th 2023. You can read more this here: https://atelieridaandersenlang.simplero.com/page/290067 In the above video I muse about why it is so important to draw from real life, and how it connects us to the beauty around […]

What I use for graphite drawing

When you start drawing in graphite, it´s always a bit confusing what materials to start with. In this video I show you my basic set of materials for graphite drawing and beyond. View this video for a checklist of basic pencil materials, plus get inspired on how to expand your set from there. * * […]

I have a dream … of drawing

Yesterday I did this sweet, sketchy life drawing (life drawing means drawing from real life, rather than from photographic references) of some of my favourite seashells, on my table. Just a short, fun session, around 30 minutes of drawing. Playing around with the graphite and also with some magic touches of gold (which I luv […]