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Sketching the Buddha in Graphite Pencil

I just recorded this sketching session for my upcoming “Sketching for Life – Challenge 2023”, taking place june 16th – 26th 2023. You can read more this here: https://atelieridaandersenlang.simplero.com/page/290067 In the above video I muse about why it is so important to draw from real life, and how it connects us to the beauty around […]

What I use for graphite drawing

When you start drawing in graphite, it´s always a bit confusing what materials to start with. In this video I show you my basic set of materials for graphite drawing and beyond. View this video for a checklist of basic pencil materials, plus get inspired on how to expand your set from there. * * […]

I have a dream … of drawing

Yesterday I did this sweet, sketchy life drawing (life drawing means drawing from real life, rather than from photographic references) of some of my favourite seashells, on my table. Just a short, fun session, around 30 minutes of drawing. Playing around with the graphite and also with some magic touches of gold (which I luv […]