Kaleidoscope 2023 Give Away with Ida Andersen Lang

I am happy to announce that I have the joy of giving away 1 free spot in the amazing Kaleidoscope 2023 course, hosted by our dear art fairy, Tamara Laporte and featuring 16 incredible artists and teachers from the mixed media art community.

Each teacher shares 1 in depth art lesson that has a focus on a fictional or non-fictional inspiring person or worldly wonder and a specific colour scheme. Each teacher also provides a bonus session in which they talk about colour theory, give you their insights/ hints & tips on how to use colour effectively and they also demonstrate how they work with the colours they find most challenging!

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  1. Go to the Kaleidoscope 2023 main page – click here
  2. When you are on the page:
  3. Scroll down to see all the images from the Kaleidoscope Teachers
  4. Pick one image that speaks to you
  5. Then in a COMMENT HERE BELOW 👇 in my Give Away, please describe:
  6. What particularly speaks to you in your chosen image? Feel free to describe. It could be the colours, theme etc. Just write freely and from your heart.

I will pick ONE winner amongst all the replies.

The Winner will be notified on email and directly here in the comments.

I am looking forward to hear your replies!

* * *

Love, Light and Creative Blessings,



Note: For full transparency, the link in this post is my personal teacher link for Kaleidoscope 2023.

By using this link, I might be compensated financially if you should choose to purchase Kaleidoscope 2023. This will contribute to the funding of my Kaleidoscope 2023 content. I thank you heartfully 🙏🤗 in advance, if you chose to purchase through my link.

If you choose to come back and purchase later you can purhcase via my link here: purchase Kaleidoscope 2023 with Ida Andersen Lang – click here, yay!

Thank you so much! xoxox – Ida

132 replies

    Kat Hamilton’s piece speaks to me most in this moment. It looks like safety, peace, contentment…all things my daughter and I need desperately as we face homelessness at the end of this month. I want to step into the piece with my kiddo and just rest. It’s a beautiful image.

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    The line and wash that Toni Burt did really spoke to me. I love the freedom of the washand the detail of the line. Looking forward to doing all th wonderful classes that I have to opportunity to try! Thanks!

  3. Seema Banhatti
    Seema Banhatti says:

    Hi Ida,
    I had a look on the drawings and Nadia Duff’s picture appealed to me as I have not tried life like portraits yet. It has buildings which can teach me more about perspective and the complete pink background which includes the sky and portrait together is a curious mixture of life like plus pop art. Recently I have been thinking of learning in that area so maybe that is the reason I gravitated towards it.

  4. Luna
    Luna says:

    The art piece by Tamara really stands out to me. The colors are so bold and the expression on the girl’s face in the drawing is so engaging. I also really love your image with the lotus flowers. The juxtaposition of the lotus flowers, the meditative figure and the cosmos is really powerful. I’m really drawn to lotus flowers because of the power they have to bloom in the midst of mud! Such a powerful lesson for life.

  5. Margaret Schmidt
    Margaret Schmidt says:

    I am totally drawn to the image from Effy Wild. Not sure I can explain why. The colors, the movement I see. I would just like to create something like it.

  6. Maria Moon
    Maria Moon says:

    Sara Catena’s angel piece speaks to me most. Her angel looks so childlike yet her energy is that of a million years of wisdom, which beams towards me, and I feel such amazing healing energy from her. While the words say ‘Lean in to the light’, I feel she is also guiding me to fly’. Gorgeous piece of angelic art.

  7. Victoria Kerby
    Victoria Kerby says:

    Effy Wild’s piece spoke to me the most, it has a peaceful serene feel to it and reminds me of an oracle card. I also love the blue and green colours used to create this piece.

  8. Teresa Wheeler
    Teresa Wheeler says:

    I really love Tamara’s peacock. The colors are my favorite and I love the subject. I like the expressive, loose way of painting.

  9. Georgia
    Georgia says:

    I am drawn to the piece by Kat Hamilton. I love the colours, the patterns and how the figures are floating. It makes me feel at peace

  10. Suzi Leggett
    Suzi Leggett says:

    What caught my eye was a little angel girl with a halo and wings, she and a little bird were hovering above a vine.

  11. Hil
    Hil says:

    I love the picture of the angel with the bright pink dress and red polka dots. Het facial expression is so sweet and I like the way she looks at the little bird under the moon.
    What appeals to me most in this picture are the colors, the are vivid and bright and powerful.

  12. Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson says:

    Right now, Jodi Ohl’s piece speaks to me. Life is feeling a bit chaotic, and I view abstract art as a bit chaotic. Nevertheless, there is such a calm beauty in the blues and greens and even the composition creates a bit of a framework for the chaos. I guess that is what I’m looking for right now.
    Lots of wonderful works on that page!

  13. Susan Beaumont
    Susan Beaumont says:

    Love the jewel colours straight out of the Arabian Nights in Tamara’s Peacock lesson and the touch of whimsy in its semi-realism. Story telling and mythology sing to my heart –the imagery in your lesson too, Blessed by the River Amazon, sings to me too! I also love Toni’s little watercolour and ink bird –more whimsy and celebrating birds and the fluidity of watercolour!

  14. Gea Borren
    Gea Borren says:

    I love your portrait with the girl and the lotus. The colors look great, I love this mystical feeling. To me the dark colors stand out, i love black, stars (and faces because the can tell you something in a drawing about how some one is feeling and what they are dreaming about). I also like challenges and I think most artist would feel scared to use these kind of colors. So I’m happy to take on the ‘challenge’ / inspiration later tonight 🙂

    Kind regards, Gea

  15. Maya
    Maya says:

    Today I’m resonating with Andreas bottom left portrait as both the colour and spattering reveal the aliveness of life. Spattering paint adds so much to a painting as it comes to life through you in the magic of being here.

  16. MJ
    MJ says:

    The piece by Dylan Sara. I think he captures the thoughts of his subject and displays them beautifully. The use of muted colors has always been my favorite.

  17. Nancy Johnston
    Nancy Johnston says:

    Kinda in love with Tamara LaPorte’s’s woman. Really like the golds and detail.
    Reminds me of Klimt.

  18. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Toni Burt’s simplicity yet stunning work appeals to me. It always feels like somethin I could do … though no where near as good as hers lol

  19. Marie Austen
    Marie Austen says:

    It’s too hard to pick just one!! Put all the portraits stand out to me because I love to draw and paint faces. I especially love to learn new techniques that I can then apply to my style. Thanks so much for the chance Ida!!

  20. Carole Noel
    Carole Noel says:

    I really enjoyed Toni Burt’s class and her bird…I like the colorful splashes of water and her lively, spontaneous features. A bit like the person I am in life. Thank you for having me enter the contest, c that’s really generous of you ☺️

  21. fran
    fran says:

    I really love the portrait by Jenny Manno. I am a big fan of mark making and all those lines are great. I really love that style.

  22. Julie Knowles
    Julie Knowles says:

    I like Kim Dellow’s owl image for many reasons. I love the colors as well as the mandala like images behind it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Mary Anne Davis
    Mary Anne Davis says:

    All very beautiful but I’m loving Tamara’s portrait because I’m interested in painting something with a limited palette. And the goddess is sooooo peaceful!

  24. Maria Egilsson
    Maria Egilsson says:

    There is something about Kat Hamilton’s painting that captivates my heart this morning with its mystery and sacredness. It reminds me to be mindful of moments that may first appear mundane, like drinking coffee, friendship, nature and yet, it is these things that bring richness and depth to life.

  25. Linda Hendriksen
    Linda Hendriksen says:

    I like yours, Ida. I was drawn in by the colors and the lotus flowers. Your whole piece speaks of spirituality, mystical realms and something beyond space and time. This is soul art. I love it!

  26. Ruléne Nel
    Ruléne Nel says:

    Jodi Ohl – Reminds me of travels to far and foreign lands not knowing what to expect…

  27. Nor W
    Nor W says:

    Hi Ida, I am really taken by Gayatri’s horses piece! This piece embodies spirit full of feels of freedom, strength and endurance. I love the soft colours Gayatri chose for this piece. The colours give a mystic feel to me along with the embodiment I described previously. Thanks for this chance Ida!

  28. Karin
    Karin says:

    My eyes were drawn to Kate higgings portret…I would use more bright colors , but I really love the structure and movement in this work, should be really relaxing to make, drawing so many lines and dots

  29. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    I am inspired by so many of the different art works for different reasons. I love the Kat Hamilton work. It feels so serene. I love the abstract work of Jodi Ohl. I love the folk artist whimsical work of Eulalia Mejia & Sara Catena. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot.

  30. alejandra Moya
    alejandra Moya says:

    Dylan Sara me parecio maravillosa su clase y la manera de explicar su pasion por lo que hace y la Naturaleza .Si lo veo caminando por la calle con su enorme barba y su cara seria nunca hubiera pensado en un ser ta dulce

  31. Heike Kiss
    Heike Kiss says:

    I lovw the owl by Kim Dellow. The colors are mine and the bird is giving it such an easyness.

  32. Cathy L
    Cathy L says:

    I love yiur image but I am fascinated by Toni Burt’s little rabbit. I am smitten with her “light” sketching and use of colour for in the image to bring out a feeling of quirkiness and sparkle. I would love to master this kind of drawing.

  33. Jannike Larsson
    Jannike Larsson says:

    Kate Huggings speaks to me. I’m very curious to learn how you can get that result and what medium she has used. Also human faces nad expressions facinates me and Im trying to learn to draw different angles and expressions.

  34. Debra Alldredge
    Debra Alldredge says:

    as directed viewed presenters art and was drawn to Sara Cantera art of Angel. probably bc Whimsical, color way, and I love SW…moving to NM as I just retired…and want to create art, photos, written words, stories for healing…..to continue to explore Spirituality, Healing and the ARTS….. That said I was fascinated watching you create this Amazon piece perhaps because combined with your love of nature, spirit, Earth, stories, myths and art…..the way you layered and did weave all of that together…..captured me….in awe. So glad I just watched this…HOPING time to create..In appreciation…..Debra A.

  35. Carola Lugtigheid
    Carola Lugtigheid says:

    I love the little bunny from Toni Burt for it’s simplicity but so beautiful. It proofs that you don’t have to use al lot of materials or a lot of colors to make something beautiful

  36. Vicky
    Vicky says:

    Effy Wild’s art drew my attention the most, because of it’s blue-ness and swirlies. and because at first glance i thought it was an abstract candle, then i looked again and saw a goddess-like figure. now it could be both, or neither. 🙂

  37. Sharron Bardsley (cat lady)
    Sharron Bardsley (cat lady) says:

    I am drawn to the horses by Gayatri Bapat Yelegaonkar as I really love animals and I have yet to do a horse painting I admire her style with still mostly realism. I do love a lot of the others as well.

  38. robin divine
    robin divine says:

    I love the flowing goddess by Effy Wild… love the energy and the freedom it represents.

  39. Christa Joyce
    Christa Joyce says:

    It is so hard to pick just one, they are great and all so different. Jenny Manno’s piece really speaks to me. I love the character that shines out and the depth of emotion in the expression. I am a huge fan of mark making and this is something I could easily lose myself in… I was also really drawn to Effy’s piece. The colour and movement in her painting really called to me.
    Thanks for the chance to win a spot and good luck to all who enter.

  40. Caz Abbinett
    Caz Abbinett says:

    Kim Fellow’s owl. Totally different to anything I have attempted. Loved how she has captured the spirit if the bird, and his features- so beautiful.
    I will definitely be trying this!

  41. Jean Marmo
    Jean Marmo says:

    An amazing line up of teachers and image. Love the one on the bottom right. She seems to be held back and yet trying to be free. Seems kind of like me and my art.

  42. Sandra Lyosn
    Sandra Lyosn says:

    I am always drawn to the images from Effy Wild. They bring a peaceful and serene feeling to them and the expression on her ladies are always mesmerizing.

  43. Lacy Hunt
    Lacy Hunt says:

    I love Toni Burt’s little bird. It is simple, charming, and expressive. I also love her loose style.

  44. Julie M.
    Julie M. says:

    My eye caught Kat Hamilton’s painting of the two ladies I love the earthy tones and the collage elements.

  45. Donna Ochs
    Donna Ochs says:

    I was drawn to Toni’s bunny image. I love the fun color purple she used. I have had many pet rabbits during my life. They can be really sweet companions.

  46. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Tamara Laporte’s painting speaks to me – her colors are so vibrant and rich and saturated and happy!

  47. Gloria Harris
    Gloria Harris says:

    Hello Ida, the last image by Effy Wild. The color and the flow of swirl, it feels cooling and breezy and calming to me, it’s like I want to be in the image.💙🩵💙🩵💙

  48. Gloria Harris
    Gloria Harris says:

    Hello Ida, the last image by Effy Wild. The color and the flow of swirl, it feels cooling and breezy and calming to me, it’s like I want to be in the image.💙🩵💙🩵💙
    Thank you for this chance to win a spot in Kaleidoscope 2023🤞

  49. H M
    H M says:

    I like the one with the owl, mainly because of the bright bold colors, whimsical style, just fun and happy

  50. stephanie hardy
    stephanie hardy says:

    The little angel by Sara Catena is inspiring with the bright colors, simple lines, and a little animal friend with her too

  51. Carla M Fry
    Carla M Fry says:

    Gayatri Bapat Yelegaonkar
    this art speaks to me primarily due to my love of horses and the freedom they give me to be present and not worry about anything. My mind is focused when I ride and all the worries of my life are insignificant at that time. Thank you for the opportunity.

  52. Shelly Mackey
    Shelly Mackey says:

    The image that I chose is the one image of a girl with her eyes closed and her hand is on her forehead by Bonita Hendriks. I feel it represents how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been feeling like I don’t belong anywhere. I live far far away from my parents. I haven’t seen my mother in 16 years. And my 2 kids live 4 hours away. They’re young adults and I’m going through empty nest. I have no family or friends where I live so I deal with a lot of loneliness, depression, anxiety and tears on a regular basis. I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. I chose to focus on art to try and keep my mind at peace. The image of the girl by Bonita, is me & my sadness in my opinion.

  53. Juelette Fadness
    Juelette Fadness says:

    I love the angel and little bird because they give me in a simple way a sense of peace and tranquility.

  54. Elizabeth Irby
    Elizabeth Irby says:

    I love the color scheme in the painting of the woman Tamara Laporte created in the first set of pictures. I also love her eyes, all the doodles, and flowers surrounding her. Just gorgeous!

  55. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I love the simplicity and the purple in Toni Burt’s rabbit painting. I can never go past a purple painting.

  56. Hege
    Hege says:

    I feel Kat Hamilton’s piece has something extra, which connected to me. And Toni Burt has a lovely style, which I would love to learn more about. It’s hard to pick one (or two), as they are all so lovely and different from each other.

  57. Heather
    Heather says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I am really drawn to the image of the face with the upswept hair and skinny neck. I love the shapes and lines that make up the face and the contrasting colours. It appeals to me the most of all the images, even though I am not normally drawn to warn colours.

  58. Julie Price
    Julie Price says:

    I really like Toni Burt’s rabbit. I love how loosely she adds the paint to her ink drawings. How the colour merges in and around the ink, so colourful and effective.

  59. Jacqueline
    Jacqueline says:

    Nadiya’s and Sara’s speak to me the most. I like the realistic look of nadyia and knowing she did that with markers is awesome. The girl Sara made is so colorful and just plain cute

  60. Katherine Pond
    Katherine Pond says:

    I loved the Northern lights–primarily because the actual lights are so intriguing from a science viewpoint–I am a retired science teacher. But, I also am fascinated by the play of light as they move and blend. The artist did such a wonderful job of capturing that. In addition, I’ve never used black paper or iridescent paints and might have to buy some of each.

  61. Helen M. McMaster
    Helen M. McMaster says:

    Oh, the amazing painting of wild horses by Gayatri Bapatt Yelegaonkav! The freedom and motion that is expressed is so beautiful and inspiring. I can feel the wind in their manes and tails. They are running wild and free, just as they are meant to be. The color palette is magical!

    • Ivonne
      Ivonne says:

      Thank you for the special opportunity to win. I love Sara Catena’s Little Angel. This painting is like a story to me with many beautiful colours, brightness and simple objects that can be created by all ages. The words “leaning into the light” gives me hope of better days ahead and healing blessings!

  62. Cynthia Pratt
    Cynthia Pratt says:

    The running horses by Gayatri Bapat Yelengaonkan inspires me. I love the freedom the running horses represent and the unity as they run together. The colors chosen are beautiful, giving an opalescent effect to the painting. It gives me joy.

  63. Diane B
    Diane B says:

    I’m taken by Andrea Gomoll’s Northern Lights – because they are natural, beautiful and I really really want to see them dance – and because I have black paper for which I needed inspiration.

  64. Angioletta mancarella
    Angioletta mancarella says:

    I like the one with the rabbit because is free lines and color also very loose which make it more like a dreams

  65. Mary P.
    Mary P. says:

    The image that jumped out at me most today was the black and white owl on a colorful background. I love the line work on the owls wings. That is really the part that jumped out at me. The colored background is nice but just not where my eye was drawn.

  66. Juli jordan
    Juli jordan says:

    The watercolor bunny really appeals to me. I’ve been trying to learn watercolor, and I love bunnis. My mom was diagnosed with brain cancer in November, she passed on April 30. I moved in to be a caregiver to her and during my two mmonth stay my daughter would come over on Wednesdays and we would try to do some watercolor projects…dubbed “Watercolor Wednednesdays.” My mom would enjoy seeing our progress and our company. Miss my mom dearly, this would be a great project for her as she loved bunnies.

  67. Elizabeth Cline
    Elizabeth Cline says:

    Wow, everyone is so talented and I’m learning so many things. At the moment I think Jodi Ohl is speaking to me to learn to be loose/free and see more basics shapes. It’s a sense of interpretation.

  68. Miet Boonen
    Miet Boonen says:

    Difficult choice, since their are a few people to speaks to me, but I go for Andrea Gomoll, she has such a kindness on her face, She looks to the camera lika a friend you know. Like I imangin her and see her face, she has a warm personality. But like I said, it was difficult to choose, because more people speaks to me, with kindness in their eyes, because a smile does not say everything. thanks for the opportunity.

  69. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    While scanning the artwork, I was drawn to be colors and textures of Jodi Ohl’s abstract piece. I was further intrigued, because abstract art is something I have yet to try much of.

  70. Linda 11
    Linda 11 says:

    I think Toni’s line and wash rabbit speaks to me most. I started my art journey at the age of 58 and am still trying to allow myself the freedom to just relax and not be so rigid in my art. So I dream the big dream of art-ing with a loose hand and more importantly a loose eye, mind and heart.

  71. Andrea Nagel
    Andrea Nagel says:

    Oh, it is so difficult to choose just one favorite! There are so many wonderful teachers and works of art.
    But since I must, I choose Gayatri’s horses. Love the colors, movement, and strength!

  72. Dee O
    Dee O says:

    Now that I’m living in Montana, the northern lights really hit home. Can’t wait to try that class.

  73. Nancy Ray
    Nancy Ray says:

    I’m torn between the rabbit, because of my love for all things Alice in Wonderland and the rescue rabbits that I use to take care of. Also the very last image of the lady in the oh so blue painting. Everything water themed has really been calling to me lately.

  74. Lee McKelvey
    Lee McKelvey says:

    I had a top three so hard to choose, but I think first would be the portrait of the woman by Tamara Laporte. The colours are vibrant and exciting but mostly I think it is because it seems she is looking at me and I can’t figure out what she is thinking – it’s a little mysterious and intriguing.

  75. Amy Smiley
    Amy Smiley says:

    Tam’s peacock is amazing! It’s what drew me to taster’s week. I love the bright, bold colors!

  76. Laurie Welser
    Laurie Welser says:

    I love Gayatri’s painting because the analagous color choices she uses paly off each other so well.

  77. Leigh
    Leigh says:

    Sara’s angel is speaking to me this morning. I love the joy and vibrance of it. The colours are bright and crisp and the naive style speaks to the beautiful joy on her face and the delight in simple things…something worth embracing. Thanks for this opportunity Ida. I enjoy the peace, flow and tranquility in your work too.

  78. Jessica Dolberg
    Jessica Dolberg says:

    I love kat Hamiltons work. It reminded me of a time my sister was going through a hard loss and we were just there for each other. we didn’t have to say much just be there Also the hair colors are mine and my sister’s favorite colors

  79. Autumn srq
    Autumn srq says:

    The girl with the blue and purple I felt a connection to. The mood and emotion caught me.

  80. Tori
    Tori says:

    The songbird by Toni and the peacock by Tamara speak to me because I’m a bird fanatic with 6 parrots. So I love both the subject matter and colors. 🙂 But I’m also looking forward to trying faces as that is challenging to me.

  81. Megan Quarrell
    Megan Quarrell says:

    It’s a hard decision but I’d have to say Jenny mannos textured whimsical girl. I like that the focus is not on realism but more about being free and making layers of simple textures.

  82. Jodie M
    Jodie M says:

    The top right image in the second lot of 9 with the woman’s face. She looks so at peace in this.

  83. Nikita Mittal
    Nikita Mittal says:

    I relate most to Nadyia Duff’s picture. That poker face, splash of colors in the background speaks a lot.

  84. Lee Ann Harbin
    Lee Ann Harbin says:

    The piece that speaks to me is the astronaut done in the cool tones. I’m drawn to it because of the background story of her life and acomplishments, but especially drawn by the expressive way the colors blend so well and in such an amazing way.

  85. Amanda Sorohan
    Amanda Sorohan says:

    I love so many of them. My favorite is the Peacock by Tamara Lamporte. I love the colors she uses and the way she uses different approaches to achieve the “splats”. The little hearts in the feathers are a favorite part as well.

  86. Susan Ruu
    Susan Ruu says:

    The painting with horses, by Gayatri Bapat Yelegaonkar – Today, this one spoke to me immediately, as it depicts such a strong flow of energy and movement that I seem to need right now in my life. It feels like the horses almost jump out of the painting toward me, bringing their powerful life force and beautiful energy to me.

  87. Viki
    Viki says:

    Great question! It made me really look at all of them and think,,,, it was like a hundred different voices, each with a hundred messages!
    Effy Wild’s image because of the deep colours and flow, really pulls me in, and Gayatri Bapat Yelegaonkar’s horses, maybe because they’re an artist I’ve yet to meet and I love the subject

  88. Tanya P
    Tanya P says:

    I normally gravitate towards whimsical human faces but loving the rabbit with purple! Something about it draws me in!

  89. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    The Kaleidoscope picture at top of the page, is a explosion of colour 😍and tells me fun art times are coming

  90. Cheryl Green
    Cheryl Green says:

    The abstract awesome lady; I love the quirkiness, and the beauty of this piece. All things abstract, quirky and colorful make me SO happy!

  91. Debbie Strong
    Debbie Strong says:

    All wonderful and inspiring images, but I especially like Jenny Manno’s portrait. The analogous theme and the fun details are what I like about the painting.

  92. AgikaKL
    AgikaKL says:

    I love Bonnie Hendrics art in the second group in the top right corner. It is so beautifully made. It has the nice colours, and also the pencil underdawings are see through. To me it is also appealling, because it exoresses a kind, relaxed and comfortable emotion, with wich I resonate.

  93. Margie O'Connor
    Margie O'Connor says:

    I love the fact that Dylan uses natural dyes from turmeric and beet juice…a great idea!

  94. Lydia Leonard
    Lydia Leonard says:

    I am always drawn to Kat Hamilton’s work. The image is so lovely and her detail work always draws my eye in. I would love to see how she achieves all those layers!

  95. B
    B says:

    The Eulalia Mejia colors are so bold and vibrant, they speak to me of finding light and color in my own space and art

  96. Robyn Somerville
    Robyn Somerville says:

    Eulalia’s colourful owl immediately drew me to her 🙂 the colours just feel so free and playful ( which I think I’m feeling a lack of in my life right now ) and it brought joy and a smile to my face . Thank you for the chance at a spot 💛

  97. irish
    irish says:

    Of course, I love your piece, Ida Anderson Lang!!! The repetition of the strong blue around her eyes is just stunning, and your subjects are always visually beautiful and filled with emotion!

  98. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    Eulalia Mejia’s owl made me feel joy. I loved her use of colour and mark making combined with the simplicity of her design.

  99. Lucy Wicker
    Lucy Wicker says:

    I love Ida’s picture. I love the mysteriousness of it all. I love the way the hair flows and the rippled from the panther drinking. I love the sparkle too. Listening to Ida while painting is always a treat.

  100. Karen
    Karen says:

    Toni Burt’s bird appealed to me. I love capturing birds, whether through photographs or drawing – this would be a very different style for me

  101. Teri Fogel
    Teri Fogel says:

    The very first image of Tamara’s poppies is the one I gravitate toward most. There is some sort of nostalgic feeling I associate with it, and I love the color palette as well. It’s bright, happy, whimsical, reminds me of carefree childhood.

  102. Karla Glessner
    Karla Glessner says:

    Dylan Sara’s drawing and the creativity he expressed with diy ink. Loved that he shared that technique with us and how beautifully he utilized them.

  103. Carla Riseman
    Carla Riseman says:

    There are so many beautiful images by teachers in the Taster Week group but Tam’s Regency Girl speaks to me most. I adore the exaggerated proportions, the soft expression, the bright colors (especially the teal), the contrast, and the swirly movement.

  104. Laylah
    Laylah says:

    With so many wonderful pieces it’s so hard to choose! Jodi Ohls’s piece landscape stood out as a beautiful scene that I could just walk into and never want to leave!

  105. Karen Boyd
    Karen Boyd says:

    Hi, I’m drawn to Tamara’s girl…the colours are just wonderful and her face is so pretty and innocent looking. Hopeully I’ll find time to paint it later! 😀

  106. Hilde Heyvaert
    Hilde Heyvaert says:

    Effy Wild’s art spoke to me the most. There is something about the colour scheme and the flowing imagery that really resonates with me. It reminds me of how tranquil I feel in water, swimming, floating, enjoying the weightlessness. And the robe/dress she’s wearing reminds me of a warm embrace. Love this one! (But have to say, I’m impressed by ALL of them!)

  107. teresa
    teresa says:

    Dylan Sara’s portraits speak to me. I love the loose technique and the expressiveness he captures.

  108. Rose
    Rose says:

    Kat Hamilton’s beautiful piece speaks to me the most – it speaks of peace and contentment and I need that

  109. AnneL
    AnneL says:

    It was Tony Birt’s bird which first caught my eye, then Kim Dellow’s Owl which suit my current mood.

  110. Fiona
    Fiona says:

    Its a head choice, but Gayatri’s piece really speaks to me, the colours and mystery of the horses is wonderful.

  111. Christina
    Christina says:

    I pick Eulalia Mejia’s piece because I follow her for a long time now and everytime I see a piece of her my inner child gets all frizzy and fluffy ☺️

  112. Thit Elisabeth Wolsgaard Asmussen
    Thit Elisabeth Wolsgaard Asmussen says:

    i looked at the pictures with an open mind. And the one that caugth my eye and soul the most was Nadiya Duffs girl with the backpack. I enjoy the theme, but more importantly I enjoy the “clash” of styles. The background is all pink and stylised in a quite different way than the mainobject of the drawing. I like the way it makes the mainobject, the girl, stand out without the background just being “background”.

  113. Camille Lee
    Camille Lee says:

    The image that I was immediately drawn to was Tamara’s image, bottom row, middle. It felt like a tarot card image, something called High Priestess, etc. I like the use of color, reminds me of Klimt as well. The image was simple, centered.

  114. Carole Carlson
    Carole Carlson says:

    The image that I am most drawn to is Tam’s peacock. Peacocks have been popping up in my life for the last few years, ever since a neighbor’s peacock escaped his pen and showed up in my backyard. I love the vibrant turquoise colors.

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