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I have always been fascinated by elegant silhouettes, merged with a second image inside, like for examle a starry sky, a sunset, forest or other nature elements. I find this totally enchanting, and in this workshop I explore, how to make an easy version of this, on an abstract background.

For this painting, Hummingbird came intuitively to me, with its light hovering appearance, for me symbolizing freedom, lightness of being and a sense of ephemeral.

You can explore all sorts of silhouette figures in this technique/style, and really go on a treasure hunt for silhouettes, that you find pleasing, beautiful and meaningful.

The materials for this workshop is simple, and kept to a minimum. I use watercolor, a few colorpencils, panpastel/eyeshadow and watercolor paper.

Happy painting! – Ida

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1: Preparations and drawing the Hummingbird

2: Wet-in-wet background over the underdrawing

3: Painting the Hummingbird Silhouette

4: Painting the Universe within

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For this workshop, I have tried to keep the materials few and essential. You can see what I use, in the list below.


Ultramarine Blue (PB29)
Titanium White (PW6)
Phtalocyanine Blue (PB15) can have MANY different “nicknames” in different brands
Phtalocyanine Green (PG7) can have MANY different “nicknames” in different brands
Quinacridone Magenta Red (PV19) can have MANY different “nicknames” in different brands
I also experiment with a tiny bit of pearlescent white, but really this is optional, and has no big effect on the overall painting.

A flock of round watercolorbrushes, from small to bigger, fx number 2, 4, 6 and 12 – both natural and synthetic is fine
Toothbrush or other stiff brush for spray/spatter of the stars

Color Pencils

Just af few dark blue, maybe just one watersoluble and one waterproof
Here I use 157 Indanthrene Blue and 247 Dark Indigo both watersoluble and proof
White waterproof colorpencil

PanPastel // eyes shadow
I use a little bit of white PanPastel for making the stars, and also I experiment with both a dark blue eye shadow and a Paynes Grey PanPastel for the hummingbird. I found that the eyeshadow applies very beautifully and also I found it it less waterproof than PanPastel. Just to tell you what I found out.

As usually I use Canson XL Aquarelle 300gms, but you can use any 300 gms watercolor paper.


Click on the photos to acces full size and download. All images are 100% royalty free, and you can use them for your art in any way you like.