Art Soul Gathering 2023 Give Away

Today I wanted to add a fun little Give Away, celebrating the sweet time we have had together in the Art Soul Gathering 2023.


  • Two Hand embellished and signed  art prints of my “Lotus Flower Fairie” painting plus a set of postcards and stickers with my art
  • Three sets of surprise postcards with my art
All winners will receive a hand signed art postcard with a personal greeting from me, delivered by snail mail.
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Just follow the steps below:
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this post
  2. Then in a COMMENT HERE BELOW 👇 in my Give Away:
  3. Write a short recommendation/review of Art Soul Gathering 2023
    Feel free to describe and just write freely and from your heart.
I will pick FIVE winners amongst all the replies.

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The Winner will be notified on email and directly here in the comments.

I am looking forward to hear your replies!

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Love, Light and Creative Blessings,


The 5 winners will be drawn, randomly, on monday september 11th – announced in the facebookgroup and on private pm to the winners.
163 replies
  1. mélanie
    mélanie says:

    thank you so much for this art soul gathering. many techniques, many things to learn and so much share of experience.
    it’s such a pleasure to discover each time these wonderfull works.

  2. Jennifer Halwass
    Jennifer Halwass says:

    I just love the Art Soul Gathering! It gives me motivation to start to paint again regularly and that’s just wonderful ❤🙏🏼

  3. Marjon van den Bos
    Marjon van den Bos says:

    Dear Ida and all teachers in this great summit,

    It has been a Joy, again. To have a daily mail which feit everytime as a gift and did surprise me over and over again. The love for art, the earth, the materials, colours and communiteit felt so warm and encouriging. I did not have time to create this week but i did buy the own forever package. So i have enough creative inspiration in the naar future.

  4. Jen Nichols
    Jen Nichols says:

    This last week attending Art Soul Gathering has been such a joy. It’s been so long since I sat down and just let myself go through the art process. I didn’t have all of the supplies but each teacher provided options that allowed me to still complete. I loved how each teacher gave instruction and tips throughout each class. I’m self taught so being able to really learn from others, I was able to create some of the most breathtaking art pieces that I’ll certainly treasure!

  5. Loni Clarke
    Loni Clarke says:

    I didn’t expect this to be so amazing. The guest artists and you were fabulous. I couldn’t post much as I’m caring for family right now but I watched. And I am inspired to get art in when I can …. once we have the house to ourselves again, I’ll revisit these artworks and dive in again. Thanks so much for the inspiration. ❤️

  6. Ami
    Ami says:

    I always look forward to these Art Gatherings every year. It helps me grow and learn as an artist and I enjoy the diversity of each artist. Thank you so much for having this event every year and allowing me and many others to learn.

  7. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    It has been super fun to try these amazing things techniques and meduims..I really loved your lotus fairy and I really enjoyed the watercolor madelin I also really love the leaf face. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience

  8. Marie Goewert
    Marie Goewert says:

    This was such a fun workshop! Lots of variety in techniques from the different artists. Lots of encouragement from the other participants.

  9. Paula Liotine
    Paula Liotine says:

    I have loved this art/soul gathering. Wonderful instructors, a supportive community, and so many new styles and techniques to try!

  10. Denise Sharp
    Denise Sharp says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed Art Soul Gathering. I have learnt so many new things and have found myself being challenged and taken outside my comfort zone. I have only started painting in February of this year so have a huge amount of catching up to do. So thank you to all the artists who have contributed to my learning…

  11. Maria solano
    Maria solano says:

    The calibre of wonderful and whimsical works contained in the art soul gathering colloboration are so memorable and inspired. The teachers are warm and teach in a way to allow all skill levels to participate. Thank you so much for this creative glimpse into a magical world of creation.

  12. Karin Zwaag
    Karin Zwaag says:

    Thank you, Ida, for hosting these great art soul gathering lessons!
    I loved the lessons and found the pdf’s really helpful. Not all artists included the process in the PDF, and because I’m not always able to watch a video, It would be great if this information was included.
    I learned a lot of new use of products, even though I have done a lot of art lessons online.

    With kind regards,

  13. Sindhuja
    Sindhuja says:

    ASG2023 is a boon! Filled with lots of styles, techniques, tips and mediums, it was a fantastic opportunity for us to learn so much in the past few days. Great to know the many different artists and their approaches towards their art. It was also amazing to look at the interpretations shared by fellow members.
    I’m very new to portraits and these tutorials sort of opened my mind and hand to express myself in fresh ways that I never thought of. Hoping to apply all the learnings from ASG and find my voice through paper/canvas.

  14. Susan Beaumont
    Susan Beaumont says:

    Art soul gathering 2023 has been a portal into magic lands that have given us a view into the beauty and magic of our world here and now. From the majestic Oak revealed under veils of colour to mystical maidens with petals or swords, this art offering has stirred my imagination and stirred my soul! Thank your Ida and your faery ring of artists!

  15. Kim Gardner
    Kim Gardner says:

    I loved the opportunity you provided to learn so many new techniques from so many amazing artist in the ASG 2023. Thank you!

  16. Laura
    Laura says:

    The art Soul Gathering is an extraordinary experience!! Not only does it give you the opportunity to improve your artistic skills and learn new techniques, it also gives you a chance to reconnect with your Soul and find inner peace. Blessed be all the amazing teachers that make these classes so precious! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  17. Darlene C
    Darlene C says:

    Ida and all other artists. Thank you so much for your gift of time/different techniques and inspiration in the Art Soul Gathering.

  18. Estelle
    Estelle says:

    I am still working my way through the amazing lessons but have watched every video and sitting with a head filled with amazing new techniques, colour combinations and great advice and tips. An awesomely inspiring event!

  19. Gina LeBreux
    Gina LeBreux says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful experience with excellent and generous teachers. Each work was more magnificent than the last! I had never done mixmedia before, so I learned a lot. And I am proud of what I managed to create by following the lessons. Thank you so much!

  20. Gretchen McRoberts
    Gretchen McRoberts says:

    This experience was truly a gift to myself! It was so exciting to wake up each day to explore the new lessons for the day. Every instructor was so very talented and I learned so much from each. Being exposed to new art supplies really opened my eyes to a wider outlook. I purchased the bundle because I know I will learn more each time I go back to watch and paint again and again!! Thank you Ida for such a well organized and well run experience!!

  21. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Thanks, Ida, for creating another exciting learning experience. The instructors were wonderful, and the diverse techniques fabulous.

  22. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    I am so grateful for the talent and the generosity of each artist and of the collaboration that has been so beautifully organized for the benefit of all aspiring artists and creatives!!! It is truly what art is all about, sharing knowledge and making the world a better place!! Thank you Ida and Crew for this very generous gift! It will continue to enhance my life for sure!

  23. Shell Duvall
    Shell Duvall says:

    The Art Soul Gathering surprised me more than I thought it would. It woke up so many emotions, growth, creativity and personal reflection that I had not felt in a very long time! I’m so happy I signed up for this! Thank you!

  24. Jodi
    Jodi says:

    Ida did such a good job of bringing artists together that compliment each other spirituality yet have very unique techniques. I felt very welcome in this gathering. There are so many new techniques to learn too!

  25. Siv Heidi Sandjord
    Siv Heidi Sandjord says:

    Thank you Ida, your teaching skills are wonderful. I can learn at my own tempo and with all the other teachers I learn a lot of different techniques. I love to participate in your gatherings:) <3

  26. Neha saxena
    Neha saxena says:

    First of all Thank u, Ida and all the artists for coming up with this wonderful course.
    This course is like meditation, personally with each and every lecture i used to become more and more calm and relaxed.
    The way each teacher taught and describe the techniques is just wonderful.
    Even the participants and there posts on fb group makes me learn and motivates me to try different media’s and techniques.
    Thank u team for your efforts and please continue doing and will definitely join next year.

  27. Bianca de Wit
    Bianca de Wit says:

    Dear Ida
    First of all many many thanks for creating this amazing event! So many great artists to learn from and such a lovely vibe.
    A great opportunity to get to learn working with new materials and technics in a spiritual environment!!

  28. Amy G Lajiness
    Amy G Lajiness says:

    Thank you so much, Ida, for putting together another lovely ASG! Even just looking at the finished pieces brings me such a sense of peace, and I’m so excited to explore more lessons now that I have purchased the course! Thanks for bringing so much beauty into the world.

  29. Anita Johnston
    Anita Johnston says:

    I have truly enjoyed all the lessons from these brilliant artists. I hope I can be just half as good as them. Thank you so much Ida, for putting this together.

  30. JoAnn
    JoAnn says:

    ASG2023 brought together a group of amazing artists and helped me push my own boundaries in my art. You all are such an inspiration and a truly amazing group of people. Thank you!

  31. Jane
    Jane says:

    Ooooooh!!! I just loved all the teachers!!! It really took me way past my comfort zone and honestly, I’m so happy with that!!! It was so lovely that the teachers were able to give us a free gift too, it felt like Christmas xxx

  32. Christa Lemons
    Christa Lemons says:

    I love this course and am wanting to purchase it as I have not gotten to the classes as deeply as I would like. Thank you, Ida and all the instructors!

  33. Deb
    Deb says:

    I have so greatly enjoyed my time participating in ASG 2023. I have loved the lessons, the artists, and their gracious offerings. I follow several of the artists, presented and have been introduced to some new and wonderful artists. Thank you Ida for your time putting all this together. I appreciate it. Deb

  34. Inge
    Inge says:

    Dear Ida, everyday a creative mail, how happy can you be! I had a great time creating beautiful things! Thank you, and all the other teachers! Love Inge🫶🏻

  35. Pamela S Swanson
    Pamela S Swanson says:

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I love the work that was heard and though not everyone is complete yet; I am so excited to have them to finish. I needed to get back to learning more about the art.

  36. Tucker Dinnes
    Tucker Dinnes says:

    I felt so much gratitude for the generous offerings of the Art Soul Gathering. Thank you to Ida and all the amazing and talented teachers!

  37. Kathy H. Chang
    Kathy H. Chang says:

    I really enjoyed the beautiful lessons in Art Soul Gathering. There is such a wonderful variety of art techniques. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us!

  38. Jo Allan
    Jo Allan says:

    Thank you so much Ida for the wonderful Art Soul Gathering and to all of the wonderful teachers. It was so much fun to try out all of their techniques and styles. i enjoyed it very much. I also learned some new tricks and got to try new materials I hadn’t used before but had on hand.
    The variety of classes and methods was so interesting and gave me a calm feeling and so much enjoyment! I loved that I could work at my own pace.
    Thank you!

  39. Mary Anne
    Mary Anne says:

    Ida, this is my first ASG and I learned so much! The teachers were amazing and so encouraging that since I didn’t have the art supplies for a lesson, I combined two lessons! It was so much fun! ❤️

  40. Gloria L Walker
    Gloria L Walker says:

    I have really been looking forward to the Art Soul classes. It including quite a few of my favorite, talented teachers. My aunt has been visiting all week for her 80th birthday, so I haven’t had a chance to watch the classes or make anything yet, but I had a chance every morning to look through the pdf’s and see what I had to look forward to creating. Thank you, Ida, and all your wonderful friends for creating and contributing to this. Your generosity is amazing. I’m an art teacher, too and I know a lot of time and effort went into creating this for everybody. Thank you for bringing a little sunshine into all of our days.

  41. Sharron Bardsley
    Sharron Bardsley says:

    I love the opportunity to learn new techniques and styles of art, the teachers very generously showcase through tutorials along with a traceable design if you wish to use ensuring that beginner to advanced can partake in the lessons for this i am so grateful not to mention an extra free gift from each artist teacher , very enjoyable thank you to all

  42. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    It’s been such a great experience this week following along with these beautiful artists. I’ve most enjoyed a kinder, gentler way to paint freely and try some new mediums… thank you

  43. Cassia
    Cassia says:

    Ida, thank you and all the artists for your generosity with the ASG. The camaraderie and talent with all the artist and the participating people is so encouraging to a self taught artist like myself. Ida… the time and talent you share with all of us is appreciated.

  44. Robin
    Robin says:

    I have enjoyed the Art Soul Gathering taster lessons that I’ve done. I’ve been practicing my sketching while completing the lessons and it’s been great practice for me. Thanks so much for making this course available.

  45. Brenda-Lee Gamble
    Brenda-Lee Gamble says:

    Hi Ida,
    This free art adventure has been such a wonderful way to experience new exciting artists that we might never come across other wise. Learning all of the different ideas and techniques has been such a fun way to learn. I am purchasing this free series so I can continue to learn in my own time.
    I appreciate this gesture so much. Thank you very much. Brenda-Lee

  46. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Such a wonderful workshop with so many amazing teachers and with a variety of media! Thank you so much, Ida, for putting this together!

  47. Sandra Williamson
    Sandra Williamson says:

    Hi Ida and to all the wonderful artists. This is such a wonderful opportunity to paint, draw, etc with so many versatile artworks, each one is so unique and different from the others. I am so amazed. I am learning so many different things. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to find another course to try! Thank you so very much!! Blessings 💜

  48. Jan
    Jan says:

    Such a lovely arty gathering with lots of fun things to try and to learn. Thank you Ida and all of the wonderful artists for sharing your art projects and inspiring us all to do more art.

  49. Hil
    Hil says:

    Art Soul Gathering 2023 was filled with diverse art forms. The lineup of artists impressed with their creativity, while the workshops offered opportunities to learn new things. I highly recommend Art Soul Gathering for a creative and fun journey.

  50. Linda
    Linda says:

    Thank you Ida!!! I want to comment on how each teacher helps me take away a new idea that I can incorporate into my own art practice, making me a better artist. I am sure any one who invests into this great opportunity will gain invaluable techniques that will make them a better artist as well.

  51. Michelle Robinson
    Michelle Robinson says:

    I am so grateful to all of the artists for giving their time and energy to share their talents with so many. As I learn multi media art, the experiences I have had here give me courage and experience to keep trying. To give myself grace as I move through the process. Thank you, Ida, for your hard work in organizing and hosting such a wonderful event!

  52. Melissa Persing
    Melissa Persing says:

    Everyday I opened your email message held the anticipation of Christmas morning where my family opens gifts. The beautiful paintings by talented and very generous artists was truly a gift. The cherry on top was opening of the bonus artist’s gifts. The bonus gifts were just as amazing as the lesson and extremely generous so much so that I purchased lifetime access so I could somehow show my appreciation to the artists.

    The organization of Art Soul Gathering made finding the email and classes very easy and approachable. The marketing and leading up to the event kept the anticipation building and Ida’s early bonus’s wet our appetite until the event began. Genius!

    The lessons were taught in a way that explained well the variety of supplies and techniques being used. Every artist offered substitutions for supplies and invited participants to make the painting their own.

    This was truly an exceptional experience for me. Thank you all for your extraordinary talents and the time and energy you put into making this a successful event.

  53. Lori
    Lori says:

    There’s always something new to learn when it comes to art and this little group of artists have much to offer! Thanks to all for sharing their time and talent with us. I feel like a true explorer!

  54. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    What a lovely week of gifts. All the artists had their own special flare. Thoroughly enjoyed looking through their tutorials. Have been working on one project all week. Hope to finish today.
    Thank you Ida and all of the other artists.
    Will continue to follow your websites.

  55. Nor
    Nor says:

    Oh my goodness this Art Soul Gathering 2023 certainly gets ya right there in the Soul. I’m telling ya I’ve completed a number of the lessons from the outstanding lineup of Artists and it was a beautiful exploratory learning journey for me for the duration! Thank you Ida for putting this together and gathering us all for this amazing adventure the past few days!

  56. Keeley
    Keeley says:

    The Art Soul Gathering is such a wonderful collection of art courses. I participated in 2022 and really enjoyed it even MORE this year. Ida is SO generous in providing these courses for free during the Art Soul Gathering. Thank you so much for providing a fun, creative retreat!

  57. Ann Pyper
    Ann Pyper says:

    This has been a fun, inspiring and rewarding adventure. Lots of new techniques. Thanks Ida for sharing and all the artists in this gathering.

  58. SaRi
    SaRi says:

    A lovely week and lovely projects. I had fun with the two projects I was able to finish and hope that the marble of doom will be kind enough to let me finish The Lotus Flower girl.
    Thank you to all the great teachers.

  59. Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith says:

    This was my first ASG and I will say it was exactly what my soul needed at this moment. Each class was as unique as we all are and supremely enjoyable. I’m already excited about next year!! Thank you to all the teachers for this year’s classes. Amazing work.

  60. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    I just started painting a year and a half ago. Never knew it was so much fun and I cold do this. The Art Soul Gathering gives so much inspiration, jou and to get know different artists. Great! But above that, the quality, explanation of different techniques by the different artists and also he space of giving it your own touch, makes it very special. For a beginner and also an experienced painter. It is a feest for heart and soul. Thank you so much. I enjoyed it very much.
    Love, Miriam

  61. Karen Ashdown
    Karen Ashdown says:

    A joyous week of creative discovery and heartful community carefully curated by Ida and friends. Thank you all for your generosity

  62. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    I enjoyed this years art soul gathering again, like last years. Beautiful line up and amazing content. Really diverse and so much beautiful inspiration. Can’t wait for another one.

  63. Laura Robinson
    Laura Robinson says:

    The experience of the Art Soul Gathering 2023 was a very generous offer with Artists around the world. I so enjoyed the sessions and learned something new from each artist I was able to experience. It is so well worth repeating these sessions, so I purchased them as a group of sessions for a very small fee. I will enjoy them over and over again into the future!

  64. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I am just so grateful to have been able to take part this year This time last year, I hadn’t long received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease So every day that I can hold a paintbrush or a pencil and create art becomes more precious than the last. My only prayer now is that I will continue to be able to hold a paintbrush and take part again next year. Thank you Ida for coordinating and bringing in so many talented artists and instructors together to guide and teach us xx

    • Jeanne Champion
      Jeanne Champion says:

      Love, peace, and healing to you. I have a complex spinal cord injury that is going on 15 years. It’s been a challenge but art definitely makes everything better. 💗

  65. June
    June says:

    i just loved this series of classes, but my particular favorite was Marina’s portrait using cold wax. As always, I loved Ida’s drawings; they are so relaxing to do and make me feel more of an ‘artist’. Thankyou to all the instructors to this amazing series.

  66. Elaine Robesky
    Elaine Robesky says:

    I was very skeptical about signing up for this ASG series. I wasn’t sure if I would like the subject matter, I am new to painting, not mixed media but painting. Today the word “free” has so much meaning. I think it is wonderful that all the artists in this series gave their time to contribute to this wonderful journey for those who joined. I found all the classes very inspiring and well presented.
    I did and am watching all the videos to see who the artist is and a feel for them as a person. And to hear about their passion for art. I have enjoyed this journey and the different projects and approaches! I did purchase some courses and packages which I am sure I will enjoy for a long time.
    I know the artists felt pressed for time for their presentations, but they all did an excellent job in getting the project finished, keeping the projects simple, but elegant, and fun, and encouraging me along the way. What a wonderful lifetime opportunity you have offered the un-professional artists of the world. You gave me some in-depth look at ALL forms of art and no matter what skill level, I too can experience different medias when painting.

  67. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    What an amazing group of teachers presenting such a variety of artistic adventures! I throughly enjoyed them all! Thank you Ida!

  68. Maria Madsen
    Maria Madsen says:

    Kære Ida
    Tak for vidunderlig og inspirerende workshops . Det har været fantastisk og jeg er glad for, at vi stadig har et par dage til at catche up. Super gode gæstelærerer der også har givet en masse både nye teknikker og inspiration.
    Tak for at hoste et helt igennem spændende og udviklende program- art soul gathering har været så inspirerende❤️

  69. Zoie McIntyre
    Zoie McIntyre says:

    Art Soul Gathering 2023 did not disappoint and Ida I am so impressed by the new art you are providing for us to learn. I was able to be apart of the ASL course one year and it was absolutely brilliant. I loved every moment I was able to make use of the courses and I learned alot from Ida. If you are considering joining – don’t hesitate if you are able to.

  70. LaChelle Unger
    LaChelle Unger says:

    ASG 2023 has been incredible! So grateful for the amazing teachers and the new techniques I’ve learned. Thank you Ida for making it all possible!

  71. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    I am very grateful to Ida & all the teachers, the lessons were so rich in content & generosity; the free gifts from each artist were amazing & diverse. A wonderful blessed gathering of art souls, Ida. Thankyou!

  72. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    I love creating art. Art keeps me alive and I use various art supplies viewing the amazing artist’s video lessons from around the world. Every post by artists inspire me to keep creating. Thank you Ida!

  73. Judy Skeel
    Judy Skeel says:

    I have really enjoyed the Art Soul Gathering teaser week. There has been a ton of information, wonderful classes, amazing instructors and the art selected for the classes has been diverse and ranging from easy to challenging for me. I have learned many new techniques in various mediums. I never knew about pan pastels before but watching multiple instructors working with them, demonstrating how much fun they are to use I want to invest in a few and learn to use them myself. The “Freebie” that we can keep forever whether we get the full deal or not has been a fabulous touch. Ida did a remarkable job coordinating and executing the teaser week. I am quite sure that the full Art Soul Gathering will be just as exceptional and worth every penny! Enjoy!

  74. Deanna Ingbretson
    Deanna Ingbretson says:

    Thank you for the great art and soul gathering. Made lots of creative art pieces and new skills learned while being a part of this. I was out of my comfort zone but loved trying to do many of the lessons and now feel more at ease with painting faces. Baby steps to becoming a better artist. I also loved how we all used what we had to create many of the projects with out breaking the bank to buy all of the supply’s listed. Many blessings. D

  75. Kathy Miller
    Kathy Miller says:

    This was my first Art Soul Gathering and I was so delighted with the variety of classes. Even though I just watched the sessions, there are several that I will definitely try. I love learning new techniques and seeing all the creative ideas and processes from the instructors. Thank you Ida and everyone who generously offered their talents.

  76. Christina Husted
    Christina Husted says:

    It was a fun, exhilarating experience. So many choices and artists and styles that stretched my arting skills! Thank you ASG and Ida. A lively experience!

  77. ellen
    ellen says:

    There is so many nice things to say about Art Soul Gathering, but what stands out the most to me, is the greatfullness of our teachers to be here and contributing to our learning. Every one has a smile on her face and gentleness in her teaching. Its amazing.. This isn’t my first time here and won’t be my last.. each class is unique in style and technique.. I learn so much each day, Thank you Ida 🙂


    Since discovering ASG my inner artist and outer one have merged into a fuller bloom. So much talent, so many learning/exploring opportunities. Grateful to Ida for organizing this and opening another door to art experiences.

  79. Lillian
    Lillian says:

    The Art and Soul Gathering offered such a variety of classes for students with all levels of experience it’s a hard-to-resist event.

  80. Mary
    Mary says:

    Lovely and informative art lessons. Especially for a beginner. Really enjoy creating new art work’s. Can’t afford to buy much on my limited budget, being a senior and not working!!!

  81. Issie
    Issie says:

    Dear Ida, Thank you for providing me with so many talented artist in the Art Soul Gathering 23. Not only did I learn so much awe inspiring art ideas but most profound were the messages that spoke to my soul bringing peace within allowing me to relax whilst attempting complex (to me) new art tips and ideas allowing me to follow and learn at my own pace. I loved every minute – thank you to all the lovely people and a fantastic course. Issie

  82. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    Art awakens and touches the soul. It brings joy to the artist as well as though who view it. You , Ida , and your Gathering is so wonderful to be a part of. Learning new techniques, your guide as a great teacher, and the camaraderie among those that join is wonderful.

  83. Jeanette Dupre
    Jeanette Dupre says:

    I signed up for ASG, to expand my knowledge in a light and shadows when creating faces especially with noses; hence, I was very interested in the Lotus Flower Fairie lesson delivered by Ida. I knew from taking drawing magic secrets, Ida would go into the level of detail I needed and she did not disappoint. An added benefit for me by attending ASG, that I also expanded my knowledge in pan pastels related to shades and tints in addition to pastel pencils with the lesson from Ivy Newton. Thank you IDA for making the ASG offering.

  84. Tracy Bollinger
    Tracy Bollinger says:

    I really enjoyed all the lessons from the artists! Portrait themed classes are my favorite! Will join again next year for sure.

  85. Kathryn Toomey
    Kathryn Toomey says:

    Ida Anderson Lang is such a joyous person I did find that her You Tube videos are amazing. This Art Soul Gathering my favourite lesson was The Oak tree with water colour. I felt healing with the image of paint and water running along my art page in the same pattern a tree grows. So much appreciation I am new to art and felt welcomed and I love the Facebook group, Thankyou to the incredible artists that contribute and people posting their beautiful art projects!!! 💕❤️🌹

  86. Sonia Dias
    Sonia Dias says:

    It’s so wonderful to be able to be part of this Art Soul Gathering 2023. Not only we get access to free classes but most definitely define our style and help us chose which artists we would like to take further lessons from! I’ve met artists I didn’t know they existed and therefore help me to take a peek at their website and discover them! I really do appreciate this with all my heart and,
    Most definitely, soul!!

  87. Angel Avery-Wright
    Angel Avery-Wright says:

    I would have to say that so many of these lessons touch my heart and souls. I have really begun to love watercolors and painting the lotus flower girl and butterfly and dragonfly all felt like bing in touch with nature. The woman and lion…my dream is to pet a cheetah so it hit home for sure. I didn’t think I could do Gaia but I am in love with what I did. It’s been inspiring, connecting and wishful to be a part of this

  88. Stephanie Hoel
    Stephanie Hoel says:

    I have so enjoyed Art Soul Gathering 2023, the instructors were amazing & so much to learn. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of the retreat. Thank you, Ida!

  89. Brenda Myers
    Brenda Myers says:

    Ida is such a wonderful teacher, artist and human being. The collection of teachers in asg are amazing too. Cannot recommend them enough! Blessings all

  90. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    To Ida and the other Artis/Instructors,

    I had NO IDEA there was a place where I could get plugged in to so many different, KIND, ENCOURAGING, AND GENEROUS, artists who are willing to share their knowledge, techniques, (secrets), and personal styles that I have no doubt has taken their lifetime or much of it, to learn and develop. I am truly humbled by it and so excited to be soaking in their knowledge as I slowly attempt to follow and grow into the artist, I hope to be one day. The personal interaction from most of the instructors, has been so touching to watch and experience. I am only sorry, that because I am a much slower creative person, than most, I have not been able to crank out all the projects offered that I want to. HOWEVER!!! You have all made it affordable, which is so kind! I appreciate the opportunity to be able to own these lessons and get connected with many of these wonderful artists, I would LOVE to learn more from. Thank you so much, Ida, for giving 12 whole days, (and I know it’s much more than that), to really experience, listening, watching, and trying to replicate these beautiful art pieces!!! They have truly inspired me, and your tender, loving, spirit, sets such a wonderful tone to the atmosphere of your group, that I very much appreciate. You are beyond lovely and exquisite, in heart, mind, and soul, not to mention a beautiful artist and teacher as well. Thank you for the invitation and I hope to be invited again to next year’s!!!

    Valerie Shockency

  91. Michelle Brandt
    Michelle Brandt says:

    This is such an inspiring course. You can feel the love and vibrancy of all the art energy from around the world.
    Art, like music, connects the world to each other. May it, like all the artwork in this course, feel our souls with Love.

  92. Zandra Wigardt
    Zandra Wigardt says:

    Art Soul Gathering have been so amazing and I have learned so much from all of the wonderful artists and everybody have been so friendly and supportive. It have been easy to come in to the page with all the lessons on one page. Thank you amazing Ida and all the wonderful teachers for everything! It have lightened up my heart and soul! ❤️

  93. Jeanne Champion
    Jeanne Champion says:

    For me what pulled me in first was just the art, soul combination because that’s what my art is to me. I love all of Ida’s creations and always want to try them. I bought the package this time because each project pulled me in a little bit more. Marie’s, tree… Omg… So lovely. I ordered some supplies just for that. The Gaia painting and all the lovely nature offerings are me all over. I’m glad I’ll have plenty of time to try my hand at each one at my own pace. 💙🌳🌱🍃🪻🧚🧜💚💛🩷🧡

  94. Leonora
    Leonora says:

    Thank you for the Art soul gathering Ida. However, I am so frustrated as I broke my right arm and wrist after the first day and I am now unable to fulfill my desires to paint. I will continue to watch and dream. L

  95. Sherry Hall
    Sherry Hall says:

    I have loved every lesson & gained knowledge from each amazing teacher. I want to thank each one of you for sharing your time & talents with all of us. This was so much fun & brought great joy to my heart. I am basically homebound because of health issues & art is a wonderful escape. May what you give from your heart & soul come back to you many times in the future. Thanks again.

  96. Shane
    Shane says:

    Where do I begin, there is so much to say and tell…but what I will say for me personally learning all these amazing techniques and ideas is now starting to take my artwork in a whole different direction. Let’s say I could be possibly tagged as more of a perfectionist in my artwork than anything else. I spent five years airbrushing and developing skills so my paintings look like photographs. Well, let me tell you this course is amazing and I can’t wait to see what I can create moving forward. It has helped me to be a more free artist and organic. I love everything this has to offer thank you again Ida…love and light Shane

  97. Cheryl Torrez
    Cheryl Torrez says:

    The art soul gathering was so great. I loved the anticipation of 2 new lessons each day plus 2 bonus lessons. I was and am so aww struck that all this knowledge and love was given freely by all these amazing artist. Thank you all. I recommend buying forever pass. I wanted to contribute and give back a little to the teachers that shared there knowledge love and precious time. I can’t wait to get to all projects.

  98. Jo Newman
    Jo Newman says:

    What a magical, joyful, peaceful journey through this course. Ida is a talented, kind and generous teacher who shares her wisdom, love and passion for art. Thank you to Ida and all the wonderful teachers who offered their time, love, support and skills.

  99. Karyn
    Karyn says:

    I have never had an interest in drawing faces but Ida taught in a way that helped me try and I can’t take my eyes off the face I drew, even tho it is far from perfect, she is beautiful to me. Thank you!

  100. Danita
    Danita says:

    Wow Ida, another beautiful gathering of inspired art with wonderful teachers, available to creative friends around the world. Thank you for offering this to us all.

  101. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    The lessons were a perfect assortment. The artists were excellent teachers. I was fascinated by the many facets of art that were presented. The most significant part for me was knowing that we were all joined across the world in a place of serenity. A place where love, kindness and knowledge were freely given. I was in a world of grace. It was beautiful! A grateful thank you to all for this wonderful gathering. Thank you, Ida, for giving us this opportunity. My appreciation is unbounded ❣️

  102. Leanne Sue Tin
    Leanne Sue Tin says:

    Thank you so much Ida, for a truly magical Art Soul gathering. I have learnt so much from all of this years wonderful teachers including yourself. I feel very inspired to keep learning & creating art.

  103. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I absolutely love your classes. I love the subjects and you’re a fantastic teacher. I will continue to follow you. Thank you so much for your gift of art that you share.

  104. Debbie Williams
    Debbie Williams says:

    This is my 2nd year participating in art and soul. You outdid yourself. The shared talent and inspiration is phenomenal. Thank you for all the behind the scenes work that went into this. The talent behind both the instructors and the participants is inspiring. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful gift and can not wait to see all the future artwork.

  105. Nathalie VERENNE
    Nathalie VERENNE says:

    It s very difficult for me to say wath i feel about this incredible opportunité because m’y inglish is bad and pour. So i do my n’est
    This expérience IS incredible. I begin drawing about 3 month. And this is an opportunity to learn so many technics and the different way to exprim the art. I am so happy to live this experience. Thanks you so much, all teachers for sharing with us your beatiful works.

  106. Mandy Chisholm
    Mandy Chisholm says:

    Thank you Ida & all the teachers who shared their talent & inspiration 💕 So lovely to see such a variety of techniques, media & outcomes.

  107. Krista Jurgensen
    Krista Jurgensen says:

    I loved Art Soul Gathering 2023! So much motorvation, inspiration and momentum. Along with lots of support and fun accepting community. I loved the themes too! Along with all the lovely like minded art sisters/ teachers! Thankyou Ida Anderson Lang for bringing everyone together ☺️❤️💐

  108. Angeline
    Angeline says:

    At 66 yrs, I am a beginner. These lessons allow me the luxury of learning new ideas, techniques and being part of a non-judgmental group. Thank you for spreading and encouraging the artful spirit within those of us who didn’t think we did.

  109. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Ida is such a generous soul, painting with her clams me and restores me. The teachers are patient, and show wonderful techniques. I didn’t think I could paint until I watched these teachers. Thank you alll

  110. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Ida is such a generous soul, painting with her clams me and restores me. The teachers are patient, and show wonderful techniques. I didn’t think I could paint until I watched these teachers. Thank you all

  111. Sharon Rainey
    Sharon Rainey says:

    It is rare to find an instructor who does more than offer lessons. Ida offered opportunities to create art from the soul. She encouraged us to paint from deep within, capturing those moments and expressing them our canvasses.

  112. Amanda Hamill
    Amanda Hamill says:

    The opportunity to learn new techniques for painting is a start to learning my own path for my unique style of art. Continue to work hard on my art but still struggling to find my own style as I explore different artists. Thanks for this opportunity.

  113. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    Art & Soul Gathering 2023 has been a lovely gift from Ida and fellow teachers. As the name so correctly reflects, you have all shared not only your art talents but your thoughts, guidance and soul support. I needed this at this time as I am preparing to lose my dear mother in law and the sessions helped me find sime peace:) Thanks

  114. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Participating in ASG 2023 has been a delightful experience. Thank you Ida and all the amazing artist teachers. I learned many new techniques and met several new artists too. The lessons and gifts are all of exceptional quality. I am so grateful to everyone who contributed to ASG 2023. Thank you!

  115. Miet Boonen
    Miet Boonen says:

    Thank you Ida for bringing this group of amazing artist together to teach us so many new things,j as well as you offcourse. I could not fysicly attend any of the lessons, but it was a pleasure to see some of them get realised and the final results are blowing me away. I have buyed this Art Soul retreat to make projects in a later periode, but I did not wanted to miss them. Their where so many of my favorite teachers in this group and a few new ones that shows me new opportunities to do into small environment as I’m at this moment. and as well they learn me new techniques as well they give me the opportunity to relax and feel less pain. I hope that I can do very soon at least one of the sessions to cheer myself up. Even I go as much as possible outside, sometime someone can open your eyes even more. Thanks again to all of you and also for your free gifts.

  116. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    I wish i had the time to go through all the classes but there isn’t enough time in the day. Loved making and creating with all these talented artists

  117. Anna Hedberg
    Anna Hedberg says:

    Thank you Ida and all your wonderful artists, it’s been a fast week and I haven’t been able to play much but have watched all the videos. I appreciate the free samples. I look forward to playing and trying the downloads. Thank you all artists for sharing your time

  118. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Thank you so much Ida for this wonderful gathering of artists. I’ve so enjoyed watching the lessons and seeing what all the wonderful creatives gathered here are bringing to life. So many wonderful women in one place is an amazing feeling of peace and nurturing. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this space for us all to be together, sending you light and love <3

  119. Susie Risk
    Susie Risk says:

    Thank you Ida for ASG 2023. Seeing all the different styles and techniques of so many wonderful artists has been so special and motivating.

  120. Michelle Beckman
    Michelle Beckman says:

    Thank you Ida and all the other artists for putting together and participating in ASG 2023 – it was such a wonderful collection of new and familiar teachers and appropriate for beginners through intermediate, possibly more advanced for some! Watching the classes, I learned how to use some of my favorite mediums in new ways (like in Marie-Laure‘s class), use some media I have only a little experience with (like in Dawn’s class entirely on how to use Pan Pastels or the classes on painting with acrylics), or on mediums I have never used (like cold wax and oil paint). Most classes were 45 minutes to 2 hours but Ida also provided one 7-part course where each section was 30 to 45 minutes, so we got an idea of what it was like to work on projects of various lengths. Each teacher also offered a free gift of some type, often a course but sometimes collage paper or the like, so we could get more familiar with their style, the courses they offer and whether we would be interested in continuing our learning with them in particular. It was a similar set of free courses that brought me to Ida in the first place, and I have signed up for ASL in the past as my finances permit, and I always sign up for her free courses because I love both her art and teaching styles. I was super busy this week, so I only had a chance to watch the videos and not make any art yet, but they were so inspiring that I now have several projects that I want to work on, starting with Ida’s quick opening watercolor pencil “painting” but maybe changing her flower crown to more autumnal flowers to better fit the upcoming season so I can hang it up.

  121. Nancy Allan Hall
    Nancy Allan Hall says:

    What a wonderful bounty of information! I can’t wait to apply some of the techniques I’ve learned from watching all these amazing and creative artists. So inspiring. Thank you Ida for coordinating this special giveaway. Truly grateful!

  122. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    I Love, Love, Love doing any Gatherings with Ida. My husband passed away the day after Christmas 2022 and I thank the Goddesses for urging me to take her watercolour lessons every month! It was a life saviour for me to get back to my Art
    roots and dive deep in to some profound creativity to depths that I have never known before. Hoping to pick up the monthly lessons again as Fall and Winter set in here in Pennsylvania! Love, Honour and am Grateful for Ida!

  123. Jen Sweet
    Jen Sweet says:

    I love this gathering so very much…I’ve been so busy with other things in my life that art has taken a second seat…but watching these amazing videos gives me inspiration and I hope to make creating a priority for me soon ❤️

  124. Cecilia
    Cecilia says:

    Thank you so much for this Art Soul Gathering 2023. So many talented artists. I have watched as many classes as I can, and although I didn’t have time to watch all of them yet, I learned so much and I had the opportunity to try new techniques and meet new wonderful artists. Thanks so much for the opportunity to have all these free classes that touched my heart and my soul.

  125. Nathalie V
    Nathalie V says:

    It’s a wonderful journey with very talented artists. It’s amazing to discover and experiment different approaches and there are extra gift. Thank you to prepare this very interesting event for free with all those artists.

  126. Mercedes
    Mercedes says:

    Twas an enlightening experience, to watch the knowledgeable teachers and learn a lot of techniques. Thank you, Ida, and all the teachers.

  127. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    Wow what a fantastic gathering of artists and learning. I have thoroughly enjoyed each lesson, all offering such different techniques and inspiring pieces of art. I wasn’t able to complete them all during the time and some I would like to go over again so have purchased the lifetime bundle as it was such good value. Would highly recommend and I am looking forward to doing it again next year. Thank you so much for providing such an incredible creative space.

  128. Kirsty Bradford
    Kirsty Bradford says:

    Thanks for putting this together. Loved the variety & the artwork is all lovely! I haven’t done anything creative for a long time & this was perfect yo build my confidence and enthusiasm. Thanks to all involved for sharing & teaching!

  129. Lotte Lauritzen
    Lotte Lauritzen says:

    This has been a wonderful time of learning new drawing and painting techniques. I have been introduced to some very talented and widely different artists and I will absolutely look further into some of their websites when this event is over. Thank you, Ida, for a well arranged and diverse taster session <3

  130. Cheryl Torrez
    Cheryl Torrez says:

    Ida and all teachers, this was an amazing experience and such a learning period. I so glad I purchased the forever bundle at an amazing price because these projects can be done over and over again. You covered so many different skills my mind is blown away. The kindness and generosity given to us is unbeatable. Thank you from my heart to yours.


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